I’m so alone, and my eyes can only express how I feel.
I’m not drinking the memories of us away, I’m just killing everything that kills me.
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beckendorph said: I am so sorry that things haven't been going well. But I want to remind you that things will always start looking up if you just be patient. Just wait it out and I promise things will get better. Keep fighting :)

Everyone gets fatigued after awhile, even if they have an army. One side will over come the other, but you can’t help this battle. Maybe you could with medication and counselling, but this isn’t like choosing to be good or evil. It’s about what wins over your mind, and your mind is very powerful my dear. I’m still fighting.

It’s one of those nights where you think too much and give yourself an anxiety attack so big you can’t breathe. Then you start crying, that’s when you know it’s back.
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